Rug Pad Corner Offers Green, Eco Friendly Rug Pads

June 1st, 2012

Rug Pad Corner, the online source for quality rug pads, is pleased to announce that it only offers green, eco friendly rug pads. The company manufactures felt and rubber rug pads in the USA of American materials and takes great pride in the fact that it does not use any plastics, adhesives, glues or chemicals in any of its rug pads.

rug pad corner

Rug Pad Corner is committed to a Green environment and offers all natural rug pads

“We have always stressed the fact that a rug pad should protect the rug and floor without causing any damage to the air or floor”, states Sam of Rug Pad Corner. “Unfortunately, far too many manufacturers and stores offer rug pads mainly based on price, which leads to inferior quality that often causes much harm.” Sam explains that the majority of the rug pads available are made using some sort of plastic or nylon and then adding adhesives or chemicals. While this costs the manufactures less money to produce, it normally leads to more expensive damages to floors.

Since Rug Pad Corner manufactures its rug pads, the company is able to specify quality standards in material and production, and it does just that. Only recycled felt is used in its felt rug pads and 100% natural rubber in its rubber rug pads. Even where others use adhesives to keep the felt together, the company using an intense heat pressing process to avoid any adhesives. “The rug pad is normally placed under an area rug and not seen again for a long time”, explains Sam. “We need to be sure that it is doing what it should and that surely does not include damage to any floor.” Based on this, Rug Pad Corner has heard thousands of customer stories on how a rug pad literally stuck to the floor. This is in large part due to the chemicals within the rug pad, something Rug Pad Corner avoids.

Thanks to its commitment to green, natural, more eco friendly rug pads, Rug Pad Corner has been accepted membership in a few leading Green organizations, such Green America and Green People. The company has made its commitment to a greener environment and, while it rug pads show large participation in this, the company’s daily business practices do as well. The staff is continually monitored on its green operations, from the paper and ink usage to the manner in which rug pads are packaged.

For the most natural, green, eco friendly rug pads, visit where you can read and learn more, as well as order rug pads that will not harm your floors or your home.

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Best Way to Remove Rug Pad Marks from Floor

October 2nd, 2010

WD-40 could remove rug pad marks from floors

One of the main issues with the thinner, waffle looking rug pads is that they can leave marks on hardwood and all hard floors. We have witnessed numerous cases of people moving their rug for some reason or another only to find the design of the mesh rug pad imprinted on the floor. Many times, the only remedy for this is to refinish the floor.

We recently discovered that WD-40, the popular lubricant, can remove stubborn rug pad marks from floors. While not a very pleasant Saturday afternoon activity, the floor should be scrubbed with a rag and WD-40. For those lucky ones out there, the lubricant will remove any residue left by the rug pad. You may need to also gently scrape the area, taking care not to scratch the floor.

Once done using the WD-40, you should clean the area with Murphy’s Oil Soap. This will remove the residue of the lubricant and bring your floor back to life, as well as add a fresh smell.

To avoid a rug pad from marking your floor, you should replace the thinner, latex or adhesive rug pads with a more substantial rug pad made of either pure felt or a felt and natural rubber combination. Here, the rubber, as long as it really is rubber, is safe for all floors.

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Rug Pad Corner Expands on Felt Rug Pad Sizes, Shapes

October 2nd, 2010

Rug Pad Corner, the nation’s source for quality rug pads, has added to its offerings of Superior felt jute rug pad. Besides standard rug sizes ranging from 3′x5′ to 12′x18′, this felt rug pad is now available in many more sizes and shapes. Rug Pad Corner has added Superior felt rug pads in over sizes as well as runners and round rug pads, oval rug pads, square rug pads and octagon.

felt rug pad

Superior felt rug pad is now available in virtually any size and shape at Rug Pad Corner

Rug Pad Corner is proud to offer a felt rug pad that does not have any chemicals, rubber, glues, latex or adhesives. The company did not want to limit the selections to those looking for odd shaped rug pads or odd sized rug pads. The Superior felt rug pad is now available in round, square, octagon, oval and runners. Since a large share of orders at Rug Pad Corner are custom rug pads, Superior felt jute rug pad can be ordered in virtually any size and shape, even if the item is not listed on the website.

“We are very proud to offer Superior felt rug pad now to anyone looking for any size and shape for their rugs”, states Luis of Rug Pad Corner. “We are happy to custom cut this felt rug pad to any size and shape and, since we cut every order, standard or custom, when we receive the order, there is never a custom cut fee.”

You may see, read about and buy Superior felt jute rug pad online at Rug Pad Corner. Each felt rug pad order normally ships within 1 business day and comes with free shipping.

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