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Rug Pad Corner Adds Series of Rug Pad Videos
Rug Pad Corner has just produced and added a series of rug pad videos. The new videos depict each of their rug pads in detail with explanations on the quality, construction, material and performance and use of each rug pad.
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Rug Pad Corner Superior Felt Rug Pad Rated Safest For Hardwood Floors

Superior rug pad is perhaps one of the very few rug pads that does not contain chemicals, adhesives, latex or glues and it has recently been rated as safest rug pad for hardwood floors by staff and actual customers. Click here for more.


Rug Pad Corner Expands to Larger Offices, Warehouse

Rug Pad Corner, the nation's source for quality rug pads, announces an expansion into a larger warehouse with more office space. "Due to overwhemling demand for our rug pads, it was time to expand in order to keep up with our standards of stock on hand, efficient shipping times and excellent customer service", states Luis of Rug Pad Corner. Click here to read more.


Best Rug Pads Launches Updated Website

Best Rug Pads, an online source of quality Durahold Plus and No-Muv rug pads, announces the launch of a new website. The new site features a more robust search engine, a broader range of rug pad sizes and shapes and the option to add the rug size in the order for a custom cut rug pad. Click to read more.


Rug Pad Corner Expands its Felt Jute Rug Pad Choices

Superior felt jute rug pad does not contain any chemicals, glues, adhesives or latex and is odor free. Rug Pad Corner now offers it in all shapes and sizes to bring it to more homes. Click for full story.

Best Rug Pads Adds Natural Rubber Rug Pad

Rug-Chek natural rubber non slip rug pad can now be ordered online at Best Rug Pads. Rug-Chek is made of only 100% natural rubber and protects rugs, floors and prevents slipping.

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